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Independence Community College Roommate FAQs

How can I ensure my roommate at Independence Community College is a good fit for me? Look for someone who shares similar values and interests to you. Ask potential roommates about their study habits and sleep schedules to make sure they align with yours. It's also important to discuss expectations for cleanliness and communication in the living space. Should I prioritize finding a roommate with the same major as me at Independence Community College? While it can be helpful to have a roommate in your major for studying and class support, it's not necessary. Focus on finding someone with complementary personalities and lifestyles. Plus, there are plenty of opportunities to meet and study with classmates within your major outside of your living space. Can I live with someone I knew from high school at Independence Community College? While it may seem convenient to live with someone you already know, it's important to consider if your friendship can withstand the stress of living together. Make sure to set boundaries and discuss expectations before moving in to avoid any potential conflicts. Additionally, Independence Community College offers resources to help students find compatible roommates outside of their personal network.