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St. Thomas Aquinas Roommate FAQs

What are some important qualities to look for in a potential roommate at St. Thomas Aquinas College? When seeking out a roommate at St. Thomas Aquinas College, it is important to find someone who shares similar living habits, such as cleanliness and noise levels. It may also be beneficial to find a roommate who has similar academic interests or schedules, in order to help each other thrive academically. How can I ensure that I will be compatible with my St. Thomas Aquinas College roommate? It may be helpful to ask potential roommates what their lifestyle is like and discuss expectations for the living space. Additionally, participating in a roommate matching survey provided by the college can assist in finding a compatible roommate. What are some things to avoid when searching for a roommate at St. Thomas Aquinas College? It is important to not only focus on finding someone with shared interests, but also to recognize red flags in potential roommates, such as lack of responsibility or disruptive behavior. Seeking out a roommate solely based on financial reasons may also lead to issues down the line.