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UMM Roommate FAQs

What are some traits to look for in a University of Maine at Machias roommate? It's important to find a roommate who is responsible, respectful, and communicates well. You want someone who prioritizes their studies and respects your space and belongings. UMM's Office of Student Life can give you more advice on what to look for in a roommate. Should I room with someone who has the same major as me at University of Maine at Machias? It's not necessary, but it might be helpful to have someone who understands your workload and academic goals. However, it can also be great to have a roommate who brings a different perspective and interests to your living situation. UMM's Student Housing website has more information about how to choose a roommate. How can I ensure a successful roommate experience at University of Maine at Machias? Open communication is key. Set expectations and guidelines early on, and regularly check in with each other throughout the year. Also, it's important to be flexible and understanding of each other's needs and schedules. UMM's Residence Life staff can provide guidance if you're experiencing challenges with your roommate.