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What are some personality traits to look for in a potential roommate at University of Calgary? It's important to look for a roommate who is respectful and responsible, as well as someone who shares similar habits and lifestyle choices. University of Calgary's Student Success Centre offers resources for finding roommates with compatible personalities and lifestyles through their Roommate Connection program. How can I ensure a good living environment with my University of Calgary roommate? Setting clear expectations and boundaries early on can help establish a positive living environment with your roommate. The University of Calgary's Student Housing and Hospitality Services also provides resources for conflict resolution in the case of any issues that may arise. Is it important for my University of Calgary roommate to have the same academic interests as me? While having similar academic interests can be helpful for studying and collaborating, it is not necessarily a requirement for a successful living situation. It is more important to find a roommate who is respectful and compatible with your lifestyle habits. The University of Calgary's Student Success Centre also offers resources for academic support and networking opportunities outside of your living situation.