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What are some important qualities to consider when looking for a roommate at University of Central Oklahoma? It's important to find a roommate who is responsible, respectful, and can communicate effectively. You'll also want to make sure they share similar living habits and lifestyle choices as you. Living on campus also means following the university's housing policies. How can I get to know potential roommates at University of Central Oklahoma? Consider attending events hosted by the university's residence halls or clubs related to your interests. You can also reach out to classmates or current students to see if they know anyone who may be looking for a roommate. Remember to also use the university's housing resources to ensure a safe living environment. What resources are available from University of Central Oklahoma to assist with roommate conflicts? University of Central Oklahoma's housing staff is available to help mediate any conflicts that may arise between roommates. It is important to address issues as they arise and communicate effectively to avoid further conflicts. The university also provides resources for students to learn about conflict resolution and relationship building.