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What are some characteristics to look for in a roommate at University of Dayton? It's important to find someone who shares the same priorities as you, such as studying habits and desired level of social interaction. Additionally, being respectful and considerate of each other's space and belongings can go a long way in maintaining a positive living environment. How can I ensure that my University of Dayton roommate and I have compatible lifestyles? Communication is key! Before selecting a roommate, have an open and honest conversation about your daily routines, schedules, and expectations for shared spaces. This will help you determine if your lifestyles are compatible and if you'll be able to meet each other's needs. What resources are available to University of Dayton students to assist with roommate conflicts? The University of Dayton offers an Office of Resident Life, which provides assistance and resources for student living on campus. They also have Resident Assistants on each floor who can help mediate conflicts and offer guidance on how to resolve issues with your roommate.