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What are some factors to consider when looking for a roommate at Washington University? When searching for a roommate at Washington University, it's important to think about compatibility in terms of study habits, cleanliness, and lifestyle preferences. Additionally, you may want to consider finding a roommate that is involved in similar extracurricular activities or shares common interests with you. How can I ensure that my roommate and I have a positive living experience at Washington University? Communication is key to making sure that you and your roommate have a positive living experience at Washington University. Make sure to establish clear boundaries and expectations early on, and be willing to compromise when conflicts arise. It's also a good idea to establish a set of house rules to help keep things running smoothly. What resources are available at Washington University to help me find a compatible roommate? While there isn't a specific resource for finding roommates at Washington University, there are several ways to connect with potential roommates. Consider reaching out to student organizations, social media groups, or posting on campus bulletin boards to find people with similar interests. Additionally, your RA or housing services may be able to offer guidance and advice on finding a compatible roommate.