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Whitman Roommate FAQs

What are some important factors to consider when choosing a roommate at Whitman College? It's important to consider factors such as sleep schedules, cleanliness habits, and study habits when choosing a roommate at Whitman College. Additionally, it may be helpful to consider shared interests and personalities to ensure compatibility. How can I get to know potential roommates at Whitman College before committing to living together? Whitman College typically has roommate matching events or online platforms where students can connect with potential roommates. It's also a good idea to have conversations with potential roommates to get to know them better and ensure compatibility before committing to living together. What resources does Whitman College offer to help students resolve conflicts with their roommates? Whitman College has a variety of resources available to help students resolve conflicts with their roommates including Resident Assistants (RAs), Student Life staff, and a Student Conduct process. It's important to address conflicts in a timely and respectful manner to ensure a positive living environment for all roommates.