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What are some personality traits that make for a good roommate at DeVry University-Missouri? A good roommate at DeVry University-Missouri should be respectful, responsible, and communicative. They should be able to balance their studies with socializing and be able to compromise when it comes to living arrangements. How important is it for a prospective roommate to have similar interests and schedules at DeVry University-Missouri? While having similar interests and schedules isn't a requirement, it can certainly make for a more harmonious living situation at DeVry University-Missouri. If you enjoy studying in quiet environments and your potential roommate likes to host parties or have guests over frequently, it could create conflicts that might be best avoided. Should you ask about potential roommates' academic backgrounds when looking for a roommate at DeVry University-Missouri? It can be helpful to know about a potential roommate's academic background when looking for living arrangements at DeVry University-Missouri. If you're someone who takes their studies seriously, it might be challenging to cohabit with someone who doesn't share your level of dedication. However, keep in mind that everyone has their own learning style and approach - try not to make assumptions based solely on academic history.