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What are some things to consider when looking for a roommate at Paul Mitchell the School-Michigan? When searching for a roommate at Paul Mitchell the School-Michigan, it's important to consider their lifestyle habits, such as sleeping patterns and cleanliness levels. Additionally, you may want to look for someone who shares similar interests or goals within the beauty industry. How can I ensure that my potential Paul Mitchell the School-Michigan roommate is responsible? One way to gauge responsibility is to ask about their past living situations and experiences. It's also a good idea to discuss expectations for rent, bills, and shared living expenses upfront to avoid any discrepancies later on. Should I seek out a roommate with the same class schedule as me at Paul Mitchell the School-Michigan? While having a roommate with a similar class schedule may seem convenient, it's not always necessary. Consider if you would be comfortable sharing a living space with someone whose schedule may differ from yours. Additionally, having differing schedules may allow for more privacy and individual time in the apartment.