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University of Washington Roommate FAQs

What personality traits should I look for in a University of Washington roommate? Look for a University of Washington roommate who shares similar interests, values, and lifestyles with you. You can also consider someone who is responsible, respectful, and easy to communicate with, as living with someone can be challenging at times. Should I look for a University of Washington roommate who is a fellow student? It depends on your preferences, but having a fellow student as a roommate can be beneficial in terms of sharing study materials, joining extracurricular activities together, and collaborating on projects. However, you can also consider someone who is not a student but has a stable job and can pay rent on time. How can I know if a potential University of Washington roommate will respect my privacy and personal space? Before choosing a University of Washington roommate, make sure to clarify your expectations regarding privacy and personal space. You can also ask for references or talk to their previous roommates to get an idea of their living habits and how they handled conflicts. Setting clear boundaries and communicating openly can also help maintain a healthy living environment.